Laparoscopic left hepatectomy for HCC with liver cirrhosis using hydrodissection and LAP BiSect Micro

Preventing or controlling hemorrhage during parenchymal transection is the key for laparoscopic hepatic resection. Using the Erbejet 2 for hydrodissection, blood vessels and bile ducts are separated selectively from the parenchyma. Vessels can be treated according to their size.
Smaller vessels may be coagulated and divided using the LAP BiSect Micro.
The LAP BiSect is a reusable instrument providing multiple functions
and thus minimizes the time required for changes between instruments.
Resection time can be shortened and intra-operative blood loss is reduced due to the selective resection technique(1).

1) Rau et al 2008 – The use of water-jet dissection in open and laparoscopic liver resection; HPB, 2008; 10: 275280

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