EBUS-guided mediastinal cryobiopsy of a lymph node

The procedure “EBUS-guided cryobiopsy of the mediastinum” is performed by Dr. Sammy Onyancha at St. Elisabethen Hospital in Frankfurt. A patient with a suspicious lesion in the left upper lobe, enlarged lymph nodes and bronchiectasis underwent a chest CT without clear findings. Bronchoscopy with sampling is performed, including EBUS-guided mediastinal cryobiopsy. Dr. Onyancha demonstrates six steps of the procedure in a video, emphasizing the importance of Doppler sonography and the selection of appropriate lymph nodes. He emphasizes the precise preparation for performing the cryobiopsy, including fan-like movement for TBNA, capsule perforation and angulation of the bronchoscope to facilitate insertion of the cryoprobe. Appropriate lymph node selection and careful positioning of the cryoprobe are emphasized to reduce the risk of complications.

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