Teleangiectasia, hemostasis with APC 2

Effective hemostasis in case of hemorrhagic teleangiectasia using a flexible APC probe. The PRECISE APC mode is provided by the VIO Generator and the APC 2 module of a Gastroenterology Workstation.

APCapplicator product trailer

The APCapplicator with an integrated filter – with a wide range of applications in argon plasma coagulation and argon-assisted electrosurgery. All combined in the new disposable handle from Erbe. Visit for further information

Ablation of colorectal neoplasia using APC 2

Thermal ablation of colorectal neoplasia with argon plasma coagulation (APC). Performed with the PULSED APC mode of the APC 2 from Erbe. Flexible APC probes with axial and lateral openings are applied.